Our Story

Meet Jordan

Hi friend, I am so glad you're here! My name is Jordan, the creator and fouder of Sundrenchd. I live in Long Beach, CA. where all your jewelry is made by my own two hands while juggling my newborn son & 2.5 year old daughter. If I am not spending time at dodger games with my husband, dressing up my daughter in Elsa dresses or rocking my son to sleep, I am designing. When I say we, the we is my family. My husband who keeps our belly's full and my kids that aren't very helpful, but sure are cute. 

I am just as passionate about creating jewelry as I am creating a community here for fellow strong women. Thank you for supporting my brand, my dream. 

Where did it all start?

To be completely transparent there's no glam story around the start of Sundrenchd. I was a college girl, who couldn't afford the jewelry I loved so much. After a night of drinking with friends Sundrenchd was born. It was a small hobby, turned full-time daydream. 8 years later and I truly can not believe that we are what we are today. 

Why Sundrenchd?

Handmade. Bespoke. Custom. I pride myself in creating items catered to you. While I fully understand the convience and beauty in amazon, handmade jewelry takes time but it also is created with a lifetime of love. Shopping small is something I have ALWAYS felt passionate about but being a small buisness owner now myself, I fully understand the value in skipping fast fashion to invest in handmade pieces.