Jewelry Care

Gemstone Beads

Gemstones are semi-precious and organic stones. For this reason it is best they are kept dry, away from water, harsh chemicals and oils. Always apply perfumes, hair products and creams before stacking your beads on. Remove before showering, working out or submerging your hands in water for a long period of time for longevity. 

Gold Filled, Gold Vermeil & Gold Plated

Gold filled is a budget friendly alternative to solid jewelry that (if cared for properly) can withstand time. It's resistance to water and everyday wear makes it a desirable substitute to solid gold while keeping costs down. However, it still requires proper care to maintain it's glitter and is not entirely tarnish resistant when exposed to chemicals. The longevity of your jewely will depend on several factors. Please avoid exposing jewelry to frangrances, lotions, skin care, hairspray, harsh or medicated soaps/shampoos, sunscreen, chlorine or anything containing sulfer. These items will cause your jewelry to lose it's luster and potentially tarnish your items. Another factor is residue from wear.  Natural oils and every individuals skin PH will pay a role in the apperance of jewelry. It is important that your jewelry is properly cleaned. 

Gold Vermeil is essentially a thick layer of gold bonded to sterling silver. The main perks to gold vermeil is that it is hypoallergenic & tarnish resistant thanks to the sterling silver base metal. That said these pieces are not water resistant and the gold WILL rub off over time with exposure to water, chemicals and oils. For that reason we suggest removing these pieces prior to showering and working out for longevity.

We work with ONLY high quality gold fill that should not green your skin or tarnish if properly taken care of. 

Proper Care & Storage

Proper cleaning and storage is key when speaking about longevity of not just Sundrenchd jewelry but ALL your jewelry. When cleaning your gold filled pieces use a gentle soap (I love dawn!) and warm water, being careful to pat dry as rubbing can scratch the metal. 

Do your best to limit exposure to chemicals (perfumes, lotions, skincare products, harsh soaps, chlorine). Chemicals in these products can react with the metal and cause your jewelry to become cloudy or tarnish. If you believe you have exposed your jewelry to any of these things it is best to remove it and clean. 

Avoid wearing your jewelry when cleaning. Exposure to heavy detergents and cleaning agents can be detrimental to all metals. 

Gently wipe your gold filled piece with a jewelry polishing, non-scratch cloth every now and again to promote shine. 

Lastly, while it's tempting to store your beautiful gold pieces in view - oxygen can cause oxidation and tarnishing. It's best to store them in a jewelry box or a microfiber pouch to keep them safe from the elements and ready for your next wear!